Over the weekend, I went to the theatre to see the movie “Bridesmaids.” I was looking forward to it, actually, mostly because of the rather impressive reviews that some of my favorite film critics were giving it. Normally, I am not the kind of person to get excited about a new comedy (I try to stay away from them, truthfully), but I like Kristen Wiig and some of her skits on Saturday Night Live. I’m glad I saw it… it was quite funny. Two sequences in particular had me guiltlessly laughing (one involving speeches and the other involving reckless driving in order to get attention). The movie is more than just making the audience laugh, though. The themes it addresses are universal and I can guarantee every adult has experienced a similar situation to what Kristen Wiig’s character goes through (namely: growing older, the “evolution” of friendships with lifelong friends, jealousy). The comedic timing throughout the film is spot on and it’s never heavy handed. It’s genuine, and Kristen Wiig effortlessly carries her role.


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